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Group supplemental health plans

The unexpected happens. And when it does, you can count on our supplemental health insurance plans. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing employees with the security of cash benefits for out-of-pocket expenses that medical plans don’t cover.


Looking for supplemental health plans for individuals and families?

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We’re here to help you find the right products for your business.

Offer one plan, two plans or the trio

Available standalone, or to complement any medical plan


As an employer, you have options. Your employees do, too. They can use these cash benefits to pay for copays and deductibles. Even mortgage payments, utility bills and day care. They also get exclusive 20% savings on many CVS® brand health products.

A simple, seamless claims process

A simple, seamless claims process

When the unexpected happens, your employees can rely on a simple claims process to get their cash benefits fast. Learn about the Aetna Simplified Claims Experience™.


  • Our easy file tool uses medical data to avoid extra paperwork. For claims submission in 90 seconds.
  • Our claims finder checks for other supplemental health benefits your members may be eligible for. Then, it automatically processes those claims. It even sends out targeted reminders based on medical data. (when available)
  • Members can view coverage and manage claims on our supplemental app, or portal. They can also sign up for direct deposit and chat with Member Services.

[ Birds chirping ]


Life is extraordinary.


But when the unexpected happens, it's important to be prepared.


That's why, for over 30 years, we've offered supplemental health benefits, like accident, critical illness, and hospital coverage, so your employees don't have to worry about those unexpected moments.


Our plans are designed from the ground up, so they're customizable to meet employers' needs and include features that make it easy for employees to get coverage.


And, since we're a medical carrier, we're able to offer a unique, streamlined member experience.


It's our simplified claims experience, and it's powered by Aetna Easy File and Aetna claims finder.


Members simply log in, answer a few questions, tap "submit," done in 90 seconds or less.


If we have the member's medical data, we'll match it to their supplemental health claim.


And we'll check for other benefits the member might be eligible for and automatically process any claims for them.


No paperwork. No hassles. That's it.


And we also remind members throughout the year to use their benefits so they can better manage their costs and protect their savings.


It's all part of our commitment to whole health -- physical, emotional, social, and financial -- and helping our millions of members live happier, healthier lives.

It’s better to bundle

Pair with other Aetna® products for an all-in-one experience


Why bundle our products? Streamlined claims. Lower premiums. Stronger savings. And that’s just the beginning. Explore our solutions for a healthy, engaged workforce. Because together we can make healthier happen.

Legal notices

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Health benefits and health insurance plans contain exclusions and limitations.

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