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PPO health plans full of freedom

With our PPO health insurance plans, you’ll never have to choose between flexibility and savings. You get it all, from no referrals to broad networks to competitive discounts and more.

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All choice, no referrals


With the Aetna Open Choice® PPO plan, members can visit any provider, in network or out, without a referral. But when they stay in network, we’ll handle the claims and offer lower, contracted rates. So they save. And you can, too.

Plan highlights

  • Broad networks
  • Discounted network rates
  • No claims to handle
  • Great for fully insured and self-funded customers

Freedom to choose and save


With the Aetna Open Choice® POS II plan, members can visit any doctor, hospital or facility, in or out of network, with no referrals. But depending on their plan, choosing a primary care physician (PCP) and staying in network could cost less.


Plan highlights

  • Choice of in-network or out, every time
  • No referrals
  • Opportunity to choose a PCP
  • Ideal for self-funded customers
  • In Texas, PCP is known as physician (primary care). In the State of Washington,  PCP refers to primary care provider.

Lots of flexibility, with a little guidance


With the Aetna Managed Choice® plan, you get all the cost advantages of a managed care plan without sacrificing freedom. Members just select a network PCP to guide their care. Or they can go out of network for a higher cost.

Plan highlights

  • A PCP to help guide care
  • Referrals for specialty services
  • Great for fully insured and self-funded customers

Managed care with maximum flexibility


The Aetna Open Access® Managed Choice® plan takes some of the "managed" out of managed care, while keeping the savings. Members can visit any provider. And while we don't require PCP selection, we encourage it to promote guided, quality care.

Plan highlights


  • Managed care with freedom
  • Any doctor, hospital or facility
  • PCP encouraged, not required
  • Ideal for fully insured customers

More plans to fit you

More plans to fit you

Whether you’re looking for value, choice or protection, we have a health insurance plan to fit the bill, from group and individual coverage to Medicare options.

Options for whole health

Options for whole health

Add whole health to your benefits plan with our range of dental, vision and other ancillary benefits. They’re available standalone or with any medical plan.

Count on us for the right combination

There’s no place like Aetna to find the plans, programs, services and administration you need to help keep your business strong and healthy.

Member services

Keep members healthy and engaged with programs and services that keep whole health in mind.

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Easy administration

Explore quoting, enrollment and reporting tools to ease administration for plan sponsors and brokers. 

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Choice, freedom and savings

Build a healthier team with our PPO plans. 


Legal notices

Health insurance plans are offered and/or underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna).

Health insurance plans contain exclusions and limitations.

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