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How women can achieve total health and well-being

Chances are, your family counts on you to make health decisions. But are you stopping to make sure that you’re taking care of you too? We’re here to help you focus on total health and well-being so you can be your best for others — and for you.

Preventive screenings, eating well and staying active are some of the first steps to living healthy. But it’s so much more than that. It’s also about good emotional health and having meaning and purpose in your life. Maintaining strong relationships and being financially secure are also important. Always remember to take a moment to check in with yourself.

Healthy starts here

There are lots of ways to achieve health and well-being. And a total approach is the key to living your best life.

Here are some things to focus on.

Find meaning and purpose

Think about what’s most important to you, whether it’s in your career or personal life. Take the time to learn a new skill or pursue an interest you enjoy. Your workplace or local library can be great places to get involved in new activities or groups.

Develop a strong support system

People who have a strong network of family and friends manage stress better. Make time for friends and family who are important to you and bring you joy. At work, connect with coworkers over lunch or coffee.

Keep your stress levels in check

Sometimes everyday life can create stress. Maybe it’s a new job, starting a family, caring for others or managing your own condition. Look for ways you can lower stress. Know that it’s okay to talk to someone and seek support. If you’re struggling, connect with your doctor or a counselor.

Be fiscally fit

Plan for your future. Invest each month in a retirement savings plan. Contributing even a small percentage can add up over time. Also, work to pay down debt and have money set aside for unexpected expenses.

Focus on physical health

Heart health: Check your blood pressure at your next doctor’s visit. Keep a healthy weight and limit alcohol. And if you smoke – quit.

Preventive screenings: Talk with your doctor about scheduling screenings for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers.

Pregnancy: If you’re pregnant or planning to be, you want the healthiest start for you and your baby. That means seeing your doctor regularly for prenatal care and taking care of you.

Make caring for yourself a priority. Get started today.

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