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How your choices during open enrollment can help you meet your health goals

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Jessica Quetsch knows the value of researching her options during open enrollment. About a month before the start of the annual period when people can sign up for health insurance, she goes online to start comparing health plans. Her goal is to find the one that will offer her and her family the best coverage in the coming year.

The extra effort is worth it to Jessica, who considers the open enrollment process a crucial part of her quest to stay healthy and happy. “I take my health pretty seriously. I try to eat right, manage my stress and exercise,” she explains. “Since I take the time to do things like cook healthy food, do yoga and lift weights, it just makes sense that I would also take the time to find a health plan that also supports my health goals. If you pick the right plan, it really fits you and your family.”

In fact, her family is one major reason why Jessica reviews her insurance options every time open enrollment rolls around. With a daughter about to turn three, Jessica’s health insurance needs have changed a great deal in recent years. “Before I had my daughter, I didn’t really think about some benefits, like getting a breast pump. But I really appreciated having these benefits the year I decided to have a baby,” she says. “Looking for the insurance plan that fit my life plan has really made a difference.”

To learn more about how Jessica navigates open enrollment, watch the video below.