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Losing weight one step at a time: Larry’s story

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Larry Beach is a real member who’s given us permission to use his story.

Larry Beach is not your typical fitness guru. In 2016, the 60-year-old controller from New York’s Hudson Valley began posting Facebook videos encouraging friends and colleagues to “get up off that couch and start walking.” To his surprise, he received a flood of positive comments and requests to join him and his husband, Kyle, on walks.

Larry had struggled with his weight for years when he failed a biometric screening offered through his work. But the real tipping point came after he spotted an unflattering photo of himself taken at a party. He realized he needed help. Through Aetna, he connected with health coach Ricky Moore, who urged him to start walking and make other small lifestyle changes. Read more about Larry’s health coach, Ricky Moore.

“Taking that first step is the hardest part. The second step is a lot easier,” Larry says. “When Ricky and I talk, I’m honest with him and honest with myself. I can’t lie to this man! He keeps me accountable.”

A few months into working with Ricky, Larry accomplished his goal of walking an 8.8 mile trail connecting his town to the next. “When I reached the other town, I was ecstatic,” he says. He has also come to understand that inspiring others is a huge motivator for him.

“If I can do this, then you can do it, too!” he says with confidence. “I got so many people walking. It’s wonderful.”