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Infographic: Your pregnancy health care journey

Written by Aetna By Aetna

For first-time moms, pregnancy is chock full of surprises. Like powerful cravings for oddball food combinations or the strange feeling of being kicked from the inside. Other things that catch moms-to-be off guard are the many doctor appointments and prenatal tests that are a normal part of pregnancy. And then there are all the unfamiliar bills and explanation of benefits statements you receive from your health insurance provider.

Our health care guide to pregnancy will arm you with the information you need to make sense of the paperwork. So you can focus on other things, like enjoying those first kicks.

Your out-of-pocket costs for maternity care and childbirth will vary widely depending on where you live, which services you require and your insurance plan. The best way to save on your care is to choose providers and hospitals in your insurance plan's network. If you’re an Aetna member, you may also be able to get an estimate of your costs through the Member Payment Estimator.

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