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Healthy eating for the whole family

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Want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start? Try making a few simple changes to you and your family’s lifestyle and mealtime routine. It may be easier, and more enjoyable, than you think!

Build better habits

Together, you and your family can create smarter habits that will help everyone eat and feel better.

Explore new tastes

People of all ages need opportunities to taste new foods. Try new fruits and veggies or cuisines from other cultures.

Snack smarter

Make sure to have easy-to-grab fruits and veggies available.

Try going meatless

Beans and veggies can add protein, fiber and other nutrients to a meal.

Plan your meals

This will help you stay organized, while also saving you time and money.

Buy healthy

Read nutrition labels when you shop. Choose items that are lower in unhealthy fats, calories and sodium. And avoid overly processed foods when you can.

Make mealtime fun

Get others involved in the kitchen. Ask for help or assign tasks while preparing meals. Make it healthy, fun and meaningful for everyone!

You can find plenty of ways to enjoy healthier meals with the family. Get started now!

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