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Live well with diabetes

Diabetes may be a chronic condition, but it can be manageable. Learn to take care of it, and you’ll feel more in control. Here’s the information — and inspiration — you need to live your best life. 


Managing diabetes

Healthy living

Health plan perks

Tips and tactics

Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes

Learn how to stay in control of your health and steer clear of problems. 


Health screenings and vaccines for adults

Get your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol tested regularly. Keep track of two key numbers—your HbA1C and kidney function levels. And protect yourself from dangerous diseases like pneumonia, meningitis and blood infections with one vaccine.

Read more about screenings and vaccines

Stay healthier by staying on top of these tests


Preventive care: the tests adults need at every age

Don’t wait to get sick to see your doctor. Regular checkups — with your doctor, dentist and eye doctor — are the best way to stay healthy.


Understanding blood pressure — and how to lower it

What is blood pressure? What do those numbers mean? And why is it so important to manage? 

Find out how to lower your blood pressure

Healthy living

Healthy living

Feel better. Sleep better. Live healthier.


How to quit tobacco for good

Kick the habit once and for all with these proven tactics from successful quitters.  

Learn how to stop smoking today


How to reduce stress in 10 minutes or less

Managing a chronic condition like diabetes can be stressful. Here are five ways to feel better right now.

Learn how to feel better fast


How exercise can improve your mood

Staying active isn’t just good for your body. Exercise can help your mind too. Working out releases feel-good chemicals and wards off depression and memory loss. 

Learn more about mind and body fitness


How to kick-start a new fitness plan

Getting fit can feel overwhelming. Hear from a health coach about how to get going at any age with a fitness plan that works for you. 

Learn how to set and reach your health goals

Health plan perks

Health plan perks

Take advantage of discounts, digital tools and plan benefits that make better health easy and more affordable.


Health perks your plan may offer

Gym membership rebates. Coverage of yoga, massage and chiropractic services. Health coaching and 24/7 access to health expertise. Your plan may offer these and more.

Learn more about plan perks


Healthy savings for a healthier you

Get access to a wealth of savings on products and services. Enjoy discounts on nutritional supplements and medical supplies, weight management programs and fitness services, vision and hearing care and more. 

Find more ways to save


Health your way

We’ve got digital tools to help you understand treatment options, estimate treatment costs and connect with members who face similar challenges — all accessible through our app, website and hotline.

Get the tools you need to manage your benefits

If your plan includes an over-the-counter (OTC) allowance, you can use the funds on select diabetes supplies and save even more. Stop into your local CVS® store or log in to your OTC account to order online.

Tips and tactics

Tips and tactics

Living with diabetes can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. Millions of people are managing a chronic illness — and thriving. Learn what’s working for them.


Three stories of living well with diabetes

These members know what it's like to be hit with a life-changing diagnosis. But by taking small steps, they’ve achieved big results. Today, they’re stronger both mentally and physically.

Get advice and come away inspired


Five steps to living well with a chronic illness

Struggling with “the new normal”? Learn ways to manage the emotions and lifestyle changes that come with your diagnosis — from pushing for more information to leaning on others for advice and advocacy.

Learn how to make your health journey easier



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