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Building healthy relationships

By Aetna

We learn more about ourselves and each other with each relationship we build. Family, friends and loved ones all influence us as we grow. Some lessons we learn may be healthy — while others may not. We’re always changing. So, keep the lessons you like and let the rest go.


Start with you


You are the constant in every relationship. And having a good relationship starts with focusing on yourself. What makes you happy? What makes you feel confident? When you know and love yourself it helps make your relationships with others better.


Here are some basic parts of a healthy relationship


Honesty: You can share the truth about your thoughts and feelings.


Listening: You hear each other out. Even if you don’t agree.


Trust: You can rely on one another. You’re loyal to each other and keep promises


Respect: Your feelings, opinions and wishes matter to each other.


Giving: You do things to make each other happy. You’re willing to compromise.


Receiving: You can say what you’re looking for. And accept the other person’s response.

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