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Building a healthier world together

You know it best: Everyone’s health journey is different. And personalized care is paramount to helping each patient achieve their best physical, mental and social health.

Innovative care for your patients

I think the future of health care is bright for this country.

I can see a world where we work closely with physicians to ensure that patients get the care they need when they need.

What I see in the hospital quite frequently are patients struggling with addiction.

We actually recently launched a program called the Guardian Angel program, where we identify members who've had an opioid overdose, and we connect them with providers in their communities who can treat addiction.

We have a new, exciting initiative.

It's called the Aetna Community Care program.

This is an interdisciplinary care team that's locally based that is curating a unique experience for our members struggling with medical conditions.

In the future, we hope to provide transportation for these members, healthy food options, mindfulness -- a whole suite of complementary services that will improve the care that our providers deliver for our members.

One area which we've prioritized is around prior authorizations.

We're using advanced technology, such as automation and data exchange, to find ways to reduce that burden on providers.

I spearhead our Antimicrobial Resistance program.

We've sent out personalized letters, including data insights to these physicians, and I'll have a conversation with them about antibiotic stewardship.

It's been a really great experience.

I still practice medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, Mount Sinai West.

So I round on inpatients on various medical conditions.

It keeps me relevant.

It keeps me clinically engaged.

It's incredibly rewarding working with providers, working with my colleagues at Aetna, and tackling these big, challenging health issues.

To our providers, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate to help our members achieve their best health possible.

Physicians and health care partners, welcome to Aetna.

Innovative care for your patients

Every day, you’re helping your patients achieve their best health. That’s why we’re always innovating to get your patients the care they need, when they need it. From advanced technology and data sharing to locally-based interdisciplinary care or programs that help those facing addiction — watch how we’re shaping the future of health care.

Making it easier to do what you love

Making it easier to do what you love

Let us help with the paperwork and administrative tasks. That way, you can focus on the health, well-being and safety of your patients. Explore resources to make that possible.

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