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Aetna Smart Compare™ designation

We’re recognizing physicians who use health care resources effectively, so your patients can make smart choices for their health.

What is Aetna Smart Compare?

What is Aetna Smart Compare?

A health care system that’s more transparent and consumer focused is a better health care system. Part of that is recognizing physicians for clinical quality and effective use of care. With the Aetna Smart Compare designation, which recognizes high-performing physicians and provider groups, we’re helping build a better care experience for everyone.


The goal? We’re giving members more information to help choose the right practice for themselves and their families. So they can get better faster and reach their best health.


Our quality certification


Learn how the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) — an independent, not-for-profit group that accredits health care organizations — reviews our designation programs to meet criteria for their Physician Quality Certification.


NCQA report on Aetna compliance

How we choose physicians and other providers

How we choose physicians and other providers

Currently, we’re evaluating primary care, orthopedic hip and knee, and obstetrics and gynecology physicians. To earn Aetna Smart Compare designation, physicians and other providers need to exceed clinical quality and cost-effectiveness measures.


Aetna Smart Compare designations for commercial plans are limited to self-insured plans in California and Texas. Members excluded from the program will not see designations in Aetna's secure member portal, and they will not receive designations through other communication channels.


These measures include:


  • Number and types of services performed
  • How often patients return to the hospital
  • Rates of health complications during hospital stays
  • Use of technology
  • Cost of services

Browse the guides below for a full view of our measurement criteria and how we choose specialists.

Answers to your patients’ questions


If you’d like more details about Aetna Smart Compare or want to share information with your patients, we’ve answered our members’ most frequently asked questions below.



Your feedback matters

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