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Integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health Program

Support for your patients with behavioral health needs

A majority of patients treated in a primary care setting have a physical ailment that is affected by stress, difficulty maintaining a healthy lifestyle or a psychological disorder. We understand that behavioral health disorders also are often underdiagnosed. Patients need the support of a behavioral health clinician to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. It can be clinically effective, as well as cost effective, to integrate behavioral health clinicians within primary medical care.

To further this goal, we created the Aetna Integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health Program.


Aetna Integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health program (PDF)


Take advantage of the benefits

Here’s how the program works:

  • The primary care physician refers patients, as clinically indicated, to the behavioral health clinician.
  • The behavioral health clinician maintains a problem-solution focus and sees patients for up to three sessions* within the primary care setting.
  • The behavioral health clinician communicates on a regular basis with the primary care physician and provides written reports.


Aetna Integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health program checklist (PDF)

Get coordinated and effective behavioral health services

The relationship between a primary care doctor and behavioral health clinicians makes for a successful approach. As part of this program, we help to make the connection seamless by:

  • Respecting the individual needs of each primary care practice
  • Contracting with the behavioral health provider for reimbursement of services provided in primary care

We’re here to help

Have questions and want to learn more about the program?


*If additional behavioral health services are required beyond the three initial visits, the patient can be referred to an in-network community provider or continue to see the integrated behavioral health clinician outside the primary care setting.

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