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Aetna Institutes®

Aetna Institutes® is a program that offers access to networks of high-performing hospitals, clinics and health care facilities that offer specialized care. These programs are:

  1. Institutes of Excellence® for Transplant support, Infertility, and Pediatric Congenital Heart Surgery
  2. Institutes of Quality® for Bariatric, Cardiac, and Orthopedic
  3. Institutes of Quality for Applied Behavioral Analysis
  4. Gene-based, cellular and Other Innovative Therapies (GCIT®) Designated Networks

Aetna Institutes of Excellence providers help patients who are facing a transplant or going through treatment for infertility. To be an Institute of Excellence, a health care facility must meet certain quality criteria. These include:


  • Number of procedures
  • Success rates
  • Cost-effective care
  • How often patients return to the hospital
  • Rates of complications




Program criteria for infertility clinics (PDF)


Pro Infertility IOE Facility Listing (PDF)


Pro Infertility IOE Facility Listing - Spanish (PDF)



Pediatric congenital heart surgery


Program criteria for pediatric congenital heart surgery support (PDF)


Pediatric congenital heart IOE facility listing (PDF)





Program criteria for transplant support (PDF)


Transplant IOE Facility Listing (PDF)


Transplant IOE Facility Listing - Spanish (PDF)


Transplant IOE Facility Listing - Medicare (PDF)


Transplant IOE Facility Listing - Medicare Spanish (PDF)

Aetna has created its first Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Institute of Quality (IOQ) through a national agreement with ACES, giving our members access to high-quality autism care from ACES clinical providers.


Aetna recognizes facilities and providers in this designation based on:


  • Offering specialized clinical services
  • Excellence in clinical care
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Meeting standards of quality and cost efficiency


ABA IOQ Facility Listing (PDF)


Learn more about ACES

The Aetna Institutes program also helps patients who have been diagnosed with certain genetic conditions that may be treated with the use of innovative FDA-approved GCIT products. To be part of this network, a health care facility must:


  • Typically, be approved by the GCIT product manufacturer
  • Meet cost-effective criteria


Program criteria for GCIT network consideration (PDF)


GCIT network facility listing (PDF)


GCIT network facility listing - Spanish (PDF)

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