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In 2019, GA Foods will manage benefits for some of our Medicare members

Effective January 1, 2019, GA Foods will provide post-inpatient hospital discharge meals to some* of our Medicare members. This delivery process happens automatically once the hospital discharges the member. GA Foods will contact the member to schedule meal delivery.


What you need to know

  • Members are eligible for up to 14 meals delivered to their requested location.
  • Meals are guaranteed within 72 hours of the order.
  • Meals are delivered by GA Foods or FedEx® delivery service.


How to make changes to this service

GA Foods will send PCPs a fax with more details on this service. This fax also will include instructions on how to change the meal content or cancel this service, if you deem it necessary.


*This benefit is not available to all Medicare Advantage members. To check eligibility, members should check their Evidence of Coverage (EOC) document.