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Requesting precertification for infertility services

Get precertification approval faster — try electronic submissions

On December 1, 2018, we notified specialists who provide infertility services about a change in how to submit precertification requests. This is a reminder that Aetna now requires that requests be submitted electronically.*


Beginning March 1, 2019, we'll no longer accept faxed submissions for infertility precertification requests. Our new standard for submitting requests is through our electronic precertification transaction.* The fax number 1-866-488-9429 will be disconnected at this time. 


See how simple it is to get started now

Submitting precertification requests online is faster and easier than calling. Simply choose from our approved vendors list at Or use our provider website on NaviNet®. You don’t even have to be a participating provider to register and use the site. But if you do participate, you can access valuable administrative tools. Learn more at


Get the tools you need to succeed

You can attend live webinars to learn how to send electronic precertification requests. Go to and follow the instructions in the “How to Register for Webinars” section to register. Or email us from the “Contact” link at

If you have questions, you can still call the Aetna Women’s HealthSM/Aetna Infertility Department at 1-800-575-5999 (TTY: 711).


*In accordance with Medicare regulations, we’ll continue to accept precertification requests by phone for members enrolled in Medicare plans.