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How to use the Provider Contact Center (PCC) when you have claims issues


We hear you. We want you to know that Aetna® is committed to reviewing your feedback and providing information to make it easier to work with us.


Recently, some of you asked about PCC inquiry restrictions.


The PCC allows you to address claims issues on three members per call, not three individual claims. For example, if one member has 10 claims, we will review all 10 claims as part of that one inquiry. You can then ask about one or two additional members and their claims, if needed, during that same call.


Advantages to the three-member-inquiry limit


An internal study found that only 5% of callers had claims inquiries for more than three members. As a result, we implemented the three-member-inquiry limit. The limit helps reduce the average time spent on one phone call, which shortens transfers and wait times for everyone.


Other ways to reach us


We encourage you to use the self-service options on our Availity provider portal* or the Aetna Voice Advantage® (AVA) system. We find that many provider calls are about claims status, and that information is readily available without having to speak to a representative.


Learn how to do business with us electronically


If you’re still calling us to complete your administrative tasks, let us show you how you can work with us electronically. Attend a live Aetna® webinar. We’ve designed our webinars with you, our providers, in mind. Spend an hour with us now and barely lift a finger later. Let us show you how to get valuable time back in your day. These webinars showcase the electronic transactions and tools available on our Availity provider portal.


We offer three different webinars:


  • “Working with Aetna on Availity”: Perfect for those who’d like a general overview
  • “Authorizations on Availity”: Perfect for those who submit authorization requests
  • “Claim management on Availity”: Perfect for those who work in revenue cycle management

Get tips and tricks from our trainers. Ask your questions and get answers on the spot. Get the schedule and register for any (or all) of our webinars.


*Availity® is available only to U.S. providers and its territories.

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