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California: 2022 Provider Appointment Availability Survey (PAAS)


California law requires that health plans survey their network providers annually to ensure that they comply with California time-elapsed standards for urgent and non-urgent appointments.


Aetna® has contracted with the Center for the Study of Services (CSS) to administer the PAAS for 2022. Aetna will assess compliance through the PAAS and report the results to the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) and to the California Department of Insurance (CDI).


Please be aware that your office may be contacted via fax, email or phone for the purposes of this assessment. This survey should take only a few minutes of your time and will be conducted during normal business hours. We appreciate your cooperation in complying with this regulation.


Providers to be surveyed


  • Primary Care Physicians (PCPs)
  • Specialty physicians (for example, cardiovascular disease specialists, endocrinologists and gastroenterologists)
  • Psychiatrists
  • Non-Physician Mental Health (NPMH) providers or Substance Use Disorder (SUD) providers
  • Ancillary providers who offer mammogram appointments and ancillary providers who offer physical therapy appointments

Survey questions


  • Urgent appointments: Is the appointment date and time within 48 hours (for a PCP visit request) or within 96 hours (for a specialist/psychiatrist/NPMH or SUD visit request)?
  • Non-urgent appointments: Is the appointment date and time within 10 business days (for a PCP/NPMH visit request or a SUD visit request) or within 15 business days (for a specialist/psychiatrist/ancillary visit request)?

Note that both in-person visits and telehealth visits qualify as appointments.

Legal notices

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