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Texas Health Aetna partners with Airrosti


Texas Health Aetna is pleased to announce a collaboration with Airrosti chiropractic clinics for clinician and patient education about the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.


Airrosti provides a comprehensive musculoskeletal solution. Their patient-centered specialists (chiropractors and physical therapists) deliver conservative care through evidence-based manual therapy and active rehab. Airrosti’s rigorous vetting process and standardized clinical pathways reduce variability among their providers and deliver consistent outcomes throughout their 200+ locations.


Airrosti’s proven ability to rapidly resolve musculoskeletal injuries and conditions (average 3.2 visits per case) results in1:  


  • 44 percent reduction in total cost of care2
  • 85 percent reduction in surgical utilization2
  • 76 percent reduction in high-tech imaging utilization2
  • 60 percent reduction in episode length2


The measurable value Airrosti delivers is proven in real-time outcome tracking and reporting along with robust third-party claims analytics. Large employers, insurance carriers, and value-based care organizations across multiple states partner with Airrosti through engagement and benefit design to deliver a patient-centered musculoskeletal solution.


For more information, please contact Dr. Delanor Doyle, CMO for Texas Health Aetna, at


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