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Self-service when calling Aetna Voice Advantage® (AVA) telephone help line


If you are calling Aetna to confirm whether precertification is required, you can get your confirmation, a reference number and even a fax number for the member’s record all without having to speak to a representative. It’s that easy! Just call 1-888-MD-Aetna (1-888-632-3862) (TTY: 711) for commercial plans or 1-800-624-0756 (TTY: 711) for HMO/ME plans. Then follow these directions:


  • Enter your provider ID (NPI, TIN, PIN, etc.).
  • Select “precert” from the main menu (option 3).
  • Enter the member ID and the member’s date of birth (you will also need the patient’s ZIP code if you use a PIN as your provider ID). Confirm the patient’s name.
  • You will be asked whether your call is in regard to behavioral health
    • If yes, your call will be routed to the appropriate representative.
    • If not, you will continue to self-service (if your member is a part of a dedicated account, you will hear a message and will be routed to the appropriate representative).
  • Precert Self-Service
    • You will hear the following menu options: Is Precert Required (option 1), Update a Precert (option 2), Precert Status (option 3), Referrals (option 4), Coverage and Benefits (option 5).
      • Choose option 1, Is Precert Required.
        • After being presented with the Outpatient, Inpatient or Chiropractic options, choose Outpatient.
            • Enter or speak the CPT/HCPCS procedure code.
            • Confirm the code.
            • Listen for the appropriate response (Precert Required—through Aetna Medical Precert, Dedicated Aetna Unit, Third Party Vendor; Precert Not Required—receive a reference number and have the ability to receive a fax with the requested CPT/HCPCS code and the ”precert not required” message for the patient’s chart).