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Helping patients who need infusion and nutrition services at home


To avoid a hospital readmission, a seamless return to home is important. In fact, it’s vital to your patients’ well-being. That’s why we’ve strengthened our care management services for Aetna® members who need home infusion and nutritional services.


Coram® CVS Specialty infusion services is our preferred provider for these services.


How this service helps your patients


  • They can be discharged with fewer barriers.
  • They find out about their need for home infusion earlier.
  • They find out, through onsite evaluation, what kind of home infusion care they will need.  
  • They and their caregivers are educated about post-acute care needs.


What this service means for you


  • You have direct access to each patient’s benefits information.
  • Patients have a reduced length of stay.
  • You can mitigate circumstances that might cause readmission.
  • You can provide appropriate site of care transition.


Aetna and Coram will monitor your patients’ care to ensure a high level of quality and service.