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Remember to send your precertification clinical information electronically

If we pend a precertification authorization request for more information, you can send us your supporting documents electronically. Simply use our provider website, NaviNet®, even if you submitted the request on another website or called it in. For utilization review, you can even upload documents on open concurrent review cases.

Getting started
for and log in to NaviNet. Inquire about your existing precertification request using Precertification Inquiry or Precertification Status Updates. Then upload your information using the “Add Attachment” link. For a new request, use Precertification Submission. If we pend your new request, you can upload information at the same time.


We're here to help
NaviNet has directions on their site. We also offer live webinars to teach you how to use this feature. Or you can email us for help. Select “Online Precertification” from the Select a Topic drop-down box.