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Depression screening for women during and after pregnancy

Aetna Medical Management assists members by identifying depression and getting behavioral health support for pregnant women. Our Aetna Maternity Program provides educational support to members and providers. The program helps them reach their goal of a healthy, full-term delivery. 


Program elements:

  • The clinical case management process focuses on members holistically. This includes behavioral health and comorbidity assessment, case formulation, care planning and focused follow-ups.
  •  The Aetna Maternity Program refers members with positive depression or general behavioral health screens to Behavioral Health Condition Management if they have the benefit and meet the program criteria.
  •  A behavioral health specialist supports the Aetna Maternity Program team. They help enhance effective engagement and identify members with behavioral health concerns.
  •  Aetna Maternity Program nurses reach out to members who have lost their babies. They offer condolences and behavioral health resources. 

How to contact us

  •  Members and providers can call 1-800-CRADLE-1 (1-800-272-3531) (TTY: 711) to verify eligibility or register for the program. Members can complete enrollment with a representative at this number.
  • Members can also enroll online through their member website.