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Don’t let your network status change — complete your Medicare compliance training to comply with CMS requirements


If you are a participating provider (individual, group, facility or ancillary, etc.) in our Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, Medicare-Medicaid plans (MMPs) and/or Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNPs), you must meet the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance program requirements for first-tier, downstream and related (FDR) entities and/or the DSNP Model of Care (MOC) training and attest to that training by December 31, 2020.


How to complete your attestation


The Medicare FDR & MOC Attestation(s) will be released in second quarter of 2020.  You’ll find the attestation and training resources you need to ensure your compliance on under “Need More Information on the Medicare FDR Program” section. For dually contracted MA and DSNP providers, we’ve combined the DSNP MOC and FDR attestations so that you need to complete only one.


Where to get more information


If you have attestation-completion or compliance-related questions, please review all supporting materials published on our site. Just email us at if you don’t find the answers you need. Email us at if you’re an MMP-only provider. You’ll find more information in our quarterly FDR Compliance Newsletter, too.