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You may not need to send us your secondary Medicare claim

We may get your secondary Medicare Part A or B claims directly from Medicare. That means you don’t have to send in your claim!


Follow these tips:


  • Don't send us a claim. Medicare pays its share first. Then, in most cases, it automatically forwards claims information and any remaining balance to us. If your system can’t suppress billing, create a paper claim — but don’t mail it.


  • Look for the "MA18" or “N89” codes on your Medicare electronic remittance advice (ERA) or Explanation of Payment (EOP) document. That means we got your claim directly from Medicare.


  • Use our online Claim Status Inquiry transaction. Check if we already received your claim from Medicare using:

-Our provider website

-Your current electronic data interchange (EDI) vendor


  • Make a note that we’re reviewing your claim. Medicare sends claims most days, and we pay clean claims promptly.  


  • Follow up with us, if needed.


Note: Claims that are adjusted (reprocessed) by Medicare are not sent via crossover.


Get more information on our website. If you have questions, send us an email.