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Acute rehab for Aetna Medicare members

To ensure that our members receive appropriate rehabilitation therapy services, when admitting an Aetna Medicare member to an acute rehab facility, our concurrent review nurses request copies of the same documentation elements from a patient’s medical record (required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services):

  • A Preadmission Screening completed with 48 hours of admission

  • A Post-Admission Physician Evaluation completed with 24 hours after admission

  • An Individualized Overall Plan of Care completed within 4 days of admission 

  • Admission Orders generated by a physician at the time of admission

Remember to follow up and provide us with each of these documentation elements. (While we don’t need you to send us a copy of the completed Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Patient Assessment, also required by CMS, we do expect that you will complete it for each member following discharge and that it will be part of their medical record.) 


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