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Updates to our network participation criteria

We are required to meet AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) standards and have added or updated the following criteria:

  • Infection control program (new). The provider is required to have a robust infection control and prevention program that: 

-Operates in accordance with nationally recognized standards (e.g., the CDC)

-Includes provisions for reporting unexpected events  

-Has regular staff training on appropriate hand hygiene and injection safety protocols


  • Fire safety (update). The provider is required to ensure that their infrastructure and equipment: 

-Maintain current certifications

-Receive proper maintenance and calibration at regularly scheduled intervals to ensure operational safety  

-Comply with all applicable standards, including OSHA fire safety standards and applicable federal, state and local fire safety laws and regulations


  • Patient safety program (new). The provider is required to have a patient safety program, which is meant to promote effective standards and protocols for avoiding medicine errors and for preventing falls and physical injuries. 

  • Insurance (update). The provider is required to: 

-Give us at least 30 days’ advance notice of any cancellation or material changes to these policies 

-Post notice of malpractice insurance (existing insurance, canceled insurance or notice of exemption) in a prominent location in the office


Note: For providers of Coventry agreements, only the criteria above apply. We consider these criteria to be material changes from an administrative perspective.


Our set of criteria for participation in our provider network is available on our website.