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Try a new and improved online prior authorization system powered by Novologix®


Use the new Novologix online prior authorization (PA) system to request a PA.


Why use Novologix? You’ll get:


  • An efficient intake process through a web-based application
  • A self-service experience and access to real-time status updates
  • Instant approvals for many of your submissions — new for 2020


When to use Novologix
This new program is available for commercial members when requesting a medication on Aetna’s National Precertification List (NPL). Visit to view our current NPL.


Where to find the Novologix tool
You can find the Novologix tool on NaviNet® or Availity®.


  • NaviNet users: Have your security officer enable your access.
  • Availity users: Have your administrator enable your access.


How to get help
For help using Novologix, call them at 1-866-378-3791 or send them an email. And watch for training webinars in the coming months.


For help using Novologix on NaviNet, call them at 1-888-482-8057.


For help registering for or using Novologix on Availity, call them at 1-800-AVAILITY (282-4548).