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Epic Payer Platform: More benefits for you

Learn how we’re investing in the Epic Payer Platform (EPP) to help improve the health care experience for you and your patients.

Improved clinical outcomes and easier administration

Improved clinical outcomes and easier administration

We’re expanding the EPP features we offer to you, our providers and health care partners.


These added features help:


  • Create a closer, streamlined connection for essential electronic data exchanged in real time.
  • Improve the exchange of patient data between Aetna® and you, for better care coordination and clinical outcomes.

The more features you connect with EPP, the more clinical and administrative benefits for you.

An improved experience makes your job easier

4 ways EPP can benefit you


  1. Improved quality of care. You can use clinical data from EPP for a broader view of your patients’ health. This helps you make more informed decisions to close gaps in care, for better patient outcomes.
  2. Easier administration. Fewer manual releases of paper information to us helps avoid time and resources spent on chart retrieval.
  3. Better communication: The new EPP features create a closer connection, for more efficient communications between Aetna and you.
  4. Lower administrative cost: Less manual sharing of medical charts with us cuts down administrative costs and can speed up the prior authorization process.

Check out our current and upcoming EPP features

Check out our current and upcoming EPP features

  • Clinical data exchange (CDE) 
  • Electronic medical prior authorization 
  • Admissions, discharges and transfers (ADT) 
  • Health plan clinical summary (HPCS) 
  • Care gaps exchange (CGE), and more 

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Take advantage of the Epic Payer Platform and our expanded features. Be sure to review our roadmap and search “Payer Platform Feature Explanation” to learn more.


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