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Disputes and appeals

Information to guide you.

The dispute process made easy

The dispute process made easy

You may disagree with a claim or utilization review decision. Discover how to submit a dispute. Learn about the timeframe for appeals and reconsiderations. And find contact information.


Learn about the dispute process

Medicare appeals

Medicare appeals

Learn about Medicare hospital discharge appeals, as well as non­participating provider payment appeals.


Learn more about Medicare appeals

Have more questions?


Read our FAQs. We have answers to many questions, including:


  • What is a dispute?
  • What is the procedure for disputing a claim decision?
  • What is a reconsideration?
  • What is an appeal?

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State-specific information


We have state-specific information about disputes and appeals. We also have a list of state exceptions to our 180-day filing standard. Exceptions apply to members covered under fully insured plans.


State-specific forms about disputes and appeals


State exceptions to filing standard

Legal notices

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