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Claims, Payment & Reimbursement

Convenient tools and guidelines to help you get paid faster

How to submit a claim

Submitting your claims electronically is quick, convenient and easy. Choose the option that works best for you.

Explore claims options

Tools that save you time and money

ERAs, EFTs and electronic EOBs

Receive payments directly to your account. And review claims payment information online any time.

Learn more about electronic tools

Coordination of benefits

Get timely payments with electronic coordination of benefits (COB) when a patient is covered under more than one insurance plan.

Submit COB claims

Electronic transaction tools

Check eligibility and claims status. And send precertifications and referrals.

Discover time-saving tools

Look up electronic transaction vendors

Payment estimator & fee schedule

Estimate how much your patients will owe for an office visit. Or look up how much we reimburse for services.

Learn how to estimate payments

Log in to see fee schedules

Digital member ID cards

Instead of a plastic ID card, your patients may give your office:

  • Photocopy or printed version of ID card
  • Electronic version of ID card, shown on a smartphone or tablet 

Please accept these alternate formats. You can get a patient's digital member ID card by submitting an eligibility inquiry on our secure provider website, or through Availity. ID cards can be saved and printed.

Login to your secure provider website

Electronic solutions for lower costs

Electronic transactions can save you time. They also cost less than manual ones. 

See your savings from electronic transactions

Out-of-network benefits

Some of our plans pay for services from doctors who are not in our network. We pay based on “usual and customary charges.”

Find out how we figure our charges

Aetna Medicare nonparticipating provider information (PDF)

Refunding overpayments

Whether we notify you about an overpayment or your office identifies it, we provide simple steps to refunding.

See how to refund overpayments 

Aetna Signature Administrators

Aetna Signature Administrators (ASA) enables us to extend our services to additional plan sponsors with PPO plans

Find out what ASA means for you (PDF)

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