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Personal Health Record (PHR) FAQs

Your Personal Health Record is a private and secure online tool where you can keep your health information. It includes information from Aetna claims and that you enter yourself.

No. Information from your Aetna medical claims shows up automatically. You’ll see your doctor visits, hospital stays, or prescriptions you have filled. And, you can enter other details on your own. You decide. Keep track of your family history, list your allergies, or add the vitamins and over-the-counter medicines you take. Your doctors can use this information to help treat you and to keep you safe.

You can use this tool in a way that fits you best. You can use it to keep track of your doctor visits, and see when you are due for another checkup. Use it to remember when to get preventive screenings like a mammogram or colonoscopy. Or, share a copy of your Health Summary with doctors: you can give them permission to view it online over a secure website, or print a copy to share during an office visit. It keeps you from having to remember, and it can give your doctor a better sense of how to best care for you.

No. Your information is private, and it stays that way. Nothing you put in it can affect your medical coverage.

Your dependents, your covered family members, can have Personal Health Records too. Your covered spouse will have separate access to his or her Personal Health Record only. Only you, as the subscriber, are able to go into the records of your children under age 18.

How do I access the Personal Health Record?

Simply go to to register and create your secure user name and password. Then, click on the Personal Health Record link on the next page.

What is the “Walk Me Through” tool?

It’s a built-in guide to your Personal Health Record. It asks you questions to help you decide what information to add. And, it leads you to the right spot. Use it the first time you visit and anytime you visit.

Can I print my Personal Health Record?

Yes. You can print your health summary or print individual pages of your Personal Health Record. Just use the print button on each page. You can show it to your doctors and talk about ways to stay healthy. Or, print and save a copy to keep with you in case of emergency or natural disaster.

What is the health summary page?

Your health summary is your “home page.” It’s a short version of your health history that you can share with a new doctor, or use to fill out medical forms with ease.

How can I make changes to my health summary?

Go to the tab for the area you want to update, and enter or change information. Your updates will show up on your health summary. You can’t change information from Aetna claims, but you can hide information you don’t want displayed or printed. And, you can always erase any information you have entered. You are in control.

How can I stop information from showing on my health summary? 

Just go to the page that has information you want to hide. Select the Update link, and answer “no” where it asks if you want to include the information on your health summary.

What are alerts and reminders and how do they work?

Alerts and reminders let you know about tests and screenings you should have, based on things like your age or gender. They may also let you know about things that could harm you. For example, you might get one if you’re taking two drugs that don’t mix well together. (In some cases, your doctor will be alerted, too).


Why do you request my e-mail address?

If you give it to us, we can e-mail you when you have an alert or reminder. It’s up to you, but it can help get an important message to you faster. The email doesn’t contain details, it just tells you to log on to your Personal Health Record, so you can read your message where it’s safe and private.


How will I know when I have new alerts and reminders?

You’ll have a message on your home page when you have a new alert or reminder. And, you’ll get an e-mail if you gave us your e-mail address.

Is my personal health information secure?

We have extensive operational and technical protections in place that we are continually improving and updating as part of our existing commitment to information privacy and compliance with legislation such as HIPAA and state privacy laws.

Who can see my private health information?


You control your Personal Health Record so you decide who can see the information within it, such as your doctor, if you choose to share your health summary. For more information about Aetna’s privacy policy, click on the web privacy statement and privacy notices located on every page of the website.


Will the data in my Personal Health Record be available to my employer? 

No. Your employer will not be able to see any information within your Personal Health Record.

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