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Clinical Policy Bulletin (CPB) FAQs for Health Care Providers

What information can be accessed from the "Policy History" section?
The 'Policy History' box contains the following information related to the policy history of the CPB:  

  • Last Review - The date of the latest version of the CPB is listed next to the Last Review link. This link also provides a description of the most recently added changes to the policy. 
  • Effective - The date of the original version of the policy.
  • Next Review - The anticipated* date of the next review of the policy.
  • Review History - Links to the dates of previous revisions and updates to the policy.
  • Definitions - Links to the definitions of the above date fields.

What is the box on the CPB policy called "Additional Information"?
The Additional Information box contains important legal, state, and regulatory information to assist you when interpreting the information contained within the CPB. Please check the information within this section, before reading the clinical policy, by clicking the Clinical Policy Bulletin Notes link.

Will I be able to print out a copy of the CPB?
Yes. Select the "Print this Page" icon at the bottom of the policy.

Can I send a copy of the policy to someone else?
Yes. Select the "Email this Page" icon at the bottom of the policy and complete the information to send an email link to the policy to another party. 

How am I able to search CPBs?
Search functionality has been added to help users access information easily. The following search options are available from the main CPB page: 

  • Keyword search - allows searching by text word(s) or numbers, with results ranked by relevance. 
  • What's new - CPBs listed by date of latest modification, in reverse chronological order. 
  • Title search (new feature) - allows searching by title word. 
  • Policy number search (new feature) - allows searching by CPB number. 
  • Alphabetical list - allows browsing of CPBs, in alphabetical order by title. 
  • Numerical list - allows browsing of CPBs, listed in numerical order.
  • Periodic reviews - annual review schedule, in chronological order. 

Search clinical policy bulletins 

Has anything else changed?
No. While the format of the CPB sections containing the policy, background, coding, and reference sections have been redesigned, the content has not changed.

* This date is subject to change based on various factors, including but not limited to intervening clinical developments and available resources. Aetna does not hereby commit to review any specific CPB by a specific date, and expressly reserves the right to change any CPB without notice.

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