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Important Notice for EZenroll Users - Please Read!
Please make certain to follow all state and federal guidelines when processing transactions. As of your planís first renewal or effective date after September 23, 2010, health care reform law puts new restrictions in place for terminations. If you submit a retroactive termination to Aetna, you must ensure that employees / dependents did not pay premium / contributions during the retroactive termination time period. When retroactive terminations are submitted, Aetna will regard the submission as verification that no premium / contribution was paid by the member / dependent for that period.
The Apply Transactions button is displayed on the upper left side menu. Please be sure to apply your transactions prior to leaving the application or your changes will be lost.


Welcome to EZenroll®

EZenroll® is an online enrollment application which allows users to enroll and make benefits changes in Aetna, Inc. health coverages. If you are an employer and are interested in using EZenroll® as the tool, please contact your Aetna, Inc. account representative.

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EZenroll® is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • 1. It's Fast.
    It's a Web-based, interactive enrollment application employers can enroll or make benefits changes to employee coverages in most of Aetna's products directly over the Internet.
  • 2. It's Accurate.
    Ensuring that enrollment/change forms are complete when submitted and alerting the users of missing or invalid information.
  • 3. It's Easy.
    Guiding the user through the new enrollment process and offering online help for other changes.
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