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Retiree prescription drug coverage made easy

An Aetna Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug plan provides your retirees with integrated medical and pharmacy benefits in a single, easy-to-use plan. And the discounts we negotiate with the pharmacies in our large, national network can help you lower premiums and your retirees’ cost sharing.

Simplifying and personalizing your experience

Simplifying and personalizing your experience

You can choose to integrate our prescription drug benefit with a medical benefit plan or offer our prescription drug benefit on a standalone basis or with an existing health plan you have today.


As part of CVS Health, we’re able to further simplify, personalize and serve our members with a combined portfolio of solutions that allows us to deliver affordable care within local communities. With an unparalleled reach to millions of consumers, and CVS Health’s pharmacy and pharmacy cost management expertise, an Aetna Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug plan offers your retirees:


  • Coverage for a wide selection of top generic and brand name medications
  • Access to our nationwide network of more than 67,000 neighborhood pharmacies
  • Access to the CVS Caremark® Mail Service Pharmacy program which provides free, standard delivery of regularly used prescriptions which is particularly helpful for maintenance medications
  • Access to the Aetna Specialty Pharmacy® program for medications that require specific handling, such as self-injectables or those medications that require refrigeration

The power of integration

The power of integration

We’ve seen improved health results for those with hypertension and diabetes1 when they’ve had an integrated prescription drug benefit with their Aetna Medicare Advantage plan. In fact, we’ve seen great results with our integrated plans compared to medical-only coverage:


  • 15% decrease in inpatient admission
  • 17% decrease in inpatient days
  • 17% decrease in emergency room visits
  • 26% increase in targeting those members who need our intervention most
  • 40% increase in retiree engagement with health advocacy and wellness programs 


1 Aetna internal study using book of business on results in Aetna Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug vs. Aetna Medicare Advantage (2015)

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