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Retiree benefits made easy

Medicare Advantage plans consist of Medicare Part A (hospital insurance), Medicare Part B (medical insurance) and are administered by a private insurer, such as Aetna. Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug plans further integrate coverage by adding Medicare Part D, so hospital, physician and drug coverage are all covered under one plan. 

The smart choice for your retirees

The smart choice for your retirees

Medicare Advantage plans provide all the benefits of Original Medicare and offer customized, additional benefits specifically designed to improve retiree satisfaction and overall health. Nationally, Medicare Advantage has had great results in improving health outcomes and satisfaction among retirees, including:

  • 7% reduction in inpatient hospital services spending1
  • 29% reduction in avoidable hospital stays1
  • 33% reduction in emergency room visits1
  • 73% reduction in serious diabetic complications1
  • 90% satisfaction rating or higher among members2



Medicare Advantage plans include:


  • Hospital care (Part A), physician and outpatient medical services (Part B)
  • Comprehensive health advocacy, preventive care and wellness benefits beyond Original Medicare
  • Access to disease and case management support
  • Extras and discounts, such as for hearing aids, fitness and more 

Control your benefit strategy

Control your benefit strategy

There’s more than one way to offer a group Medicare Advantage plan. You can choose to offer your retiree benefits through an exchange solution with multiple plan options or through a single, defined contribution plan on a fully-insured basis.

1 Avalere Health, “Medicare Advantage Achieves Cost-Effective Care and Better Outcomes for Beneficiaries with Chronic Conditions Relative to Fee-for-Service Medicare.” July 2018.

2 Pipes, S. “Medicare Advantage’s Popularity Shows Americans Won’t Like Single-Payer.” October 2018.

Legal notices

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