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Joining together to contain costs

Plan sponsors face many challenges. Especially the rising cost of health care. Our research shows that integrating medical and pharmacy plans can lead to savings and help control the total cost of care. 

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Integration is the answer shares study results showing that integrated plans can help address rising costs, especially those related to managing chronic conditions.

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What’s at stake?

What’s at stake?

Companies that provide health care coverage for their employees need solutions to address spending while keeping their members healthy and productive. This is especially true for those with chronic conditions. Medication management is a critical part of maintaining health. Today, nearly half of Americans take at least one daily medication, and a quarter take three or more. And traditional cost-saving measures, like unit cost discounts, are seeing lower returns.

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Evidence points to integration

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Evidence points to integration

Research published by Aetna® and validated by Harvard Medical School shows that when medical and pharmacy benefits are integrated in one health plan, medical costs go down. Integration allows for real-time data sharing across medical and pharmacy benefits and provides a more complete health picture. This is key to more rapidly identifying patients who need support, reducing the need for more costly interventions.

Integration shows opportunity for savings

Integration shows opportunity for savings

Our analysts compared cost data from plan sponsors who had integrated medical and pharmacy with those who had medical only. The study revealed that combining medical and pharmacy plans led to:

  • A significantly slower rate of medical cost growth
  • Decreased spend for members with chronic conditions
  • Even greater savings for members also diagnosed with depression
  • Better member targeting and engagement
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