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Let’s boost vaccination rates

To protect community health and get our lives and economy back to normal, we need employers' help to reach our goal of achieving the highest vaccination rates possible. Make the COVID-19 Vaccine Workforce Promise, and we’ll honor your promise with a $500,000 donation to the American Lung Association.


Why it’s important

Why it’s important

As the COVID-19 vaccine supply steadies and vaccination rates go down, you may be looking for new ideas to get more of your workforce vaccinated. The vaccines can protect employees, keep vulnerable populations safe and help businesses reopen safely.  But some people may be hesitant to get the vaccine or need help to remove obstacles that prevent them from getting vaccinated.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Workforce Promise


We created this promise based on five evidence-based principles that are proven to boost vaccination rates. You can adjust these strategies to meet your employees’ unique challenges and needs.


Give time


Support flexibility and time for employees to get vaccinated and rest if they experience side effects.


Offering PTO for COVID-19 vaccinations can benefit employees and employers


The White House offers businesses tax credits for giving employees paid time off to get vaccinated

Make it easy


Help employees get vaccinated through on-site/near-site services, transportation assistance (i.e., ride share), childcare resources and other conveniences.


On-site workplace testing and vaccination services


COVID-19 vaccine availability by state

Consider everyone


Understand the range of perspectives and barriers across employee groups and be ready to support and encourage in different ways.


Vaccine incentives for employers


Multiple strategies are needed to address vaccine hesitancy

Celebrate the shot


Find ways to foster a sense of celebration around vaccination, such as sharing stories of why employees decided to get vaccinated.


Learn about our #OneStepCloser campaign


Share vaccination stories while protecting employees' privacy



See how CVS Health leaders are #OneStepCloser to ending the pandemic


Read LinkedIn post by Karen S. Lynch, President and Chief Executive Officer


Read LinkedIn post by Laurie Havenec, EVP & Chief People Officer

Keep it coming


Keep sharing the latest education on vaccination, local options and company policies, since employees will take action at different times.


COVID-19 vaccine employee communications toolkit


Watch COVID-19 vaccination updates webinar


Hear from CVS pharmacists about vaccine safety and side effects

We’ll honor your promise with a donation of $500,000 to the American Lung Association.

The impact of your promise

In honor of all our clients who sign the promise, we will donate $500,000 through the CVS Health Foundation to the American Lung Association. This donation supports the American Lung Association’s COVID-19 Action Initiative, a three-year initiative that invests in research, education and advocacy efforts to end the COVID-19 pandemic and defend against future respiratory pandemics.


In addition, CVS Health® has donated more than $50 million toward the COVID-19 response and nearly $5 million to the American Lung Association since the pandemic began.

Are you ready to take action?

By making the COVID-19 vaccine workforce promise, our company promises to help inform, educate and support our employees to get fully vaccinated.


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Your story can inspire others

Your story can inspire others

Are you doing something unique to support your employees’ vaccination efforts? Which vaccine strategies have been most effective for you? We’d like to hear from you to help inspire other employers.


Share your success


Note: We give Aetna permission to use any comments, videos, logos or images that we share for the purpose of promoting our company’s commitment to employee vaccination.

Hear from other employers who took the pledge


Making the COVID-19 Vaccine Workforce Promise can transform your work environment and improve the health of your community. Hear about the difference it made to these employers.


The purpose if this site is to promote the general idea of employing incentives to encourage higher rates of vaccination in various populations. CVS Health does not endorse any particular strategy contained herein. Consult your own legal advisors for guidance on strategies that might make sense for your workforce.

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