Shared Benefits Administration

Aetna Joint Claim AdministrationSM

Keep the personalized services that your members expect, while working with a company that has national reach.

With our Joint Claim Administration, you continue to perform key member services, such as benefits determination. We lend our managed care expertise where it is most valuable — in areas such as provider services and care management.

The Joint Claim Administration program handles:

  • Claims intake, pricing and editing
  • Network management and provider services
  • Provider payment and remittance
  • Care management and reporting

Smart technology to help your staff

Need help making plan administration easier? Finding network discounts? Handling eligibility and benefits? Let us provide administration support for your plan and you'll get access to the Aetna Strategic Desktop Customer Service Portal, a 360-degree view of your members’ data. We’re ready to make your plan administration easier.

A menu of options

Are you looking for an easier way to process claims and handle member calls?

With Aetna AdminLinkSM, you can use your staff and computers to access our systems, including a secure call and claims system. You decide your level of involvement:

  • Call center only
    Your staff answer benefit questions.
  • Claim operations only
    Your staff process all claims using our systems.
  • Full call and claim operations
    Your staff answer member calls and process claims – with full access to our call and claims systems.

Our sales team can help you learn more about any of these solutions.

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