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Aetna Healthy CommitmentsSM Corporate Wellness

Simple solutions for employee wellness


A healthy choice for you and your employees

Promoting healthier behaviors by investing in employee wellness programs can really pay off. Healthy employees mean lower health care costs. And more productive workers.

The number of working adults with chronic diseases (such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease) has grown by 25 percent in the last 10 years.1 And did you know that more than 3 out of every 4 health-care dollars is spent on chronic diseases? 2

Many chronic diseases are linked to unhealthy behaviors. Aetna Health CommitmentsSM employee wellness programs, along with a supportive work environment, can help motivate employees to replace these behaviors with healthy ones.

Investing in your employees' health makes good business sense. Plus, your employees will appreciate your commitment to their health. And that's good for employee morale and loyalty.

Wellness programs to fit your needs and budget

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Choosing the right employee wellness program for you is easy.  

The basic Core package is already included in all of our medical benefits and insurance plans. For a bigger impact, upgrade to our Enhanced or Premier program.

All of our programs come with a playbook. It gives you tools and materials to help motivate your employees to reach their health goals for the year. There's even a timeline – so you know what to do when.

We're ready to team up with you on this wellness journey. Just contact your Aetna representative.

Explore the programs now.

Eighty-four percent of health-care spending is on people with chronic conditions.
Chronic Care: Making the Case for Ongoing Care. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, February 2010.