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Serving the hospitality industry

With Aetna Industry Solutions, you get a bundled benefits offering customized for the unique health needs of your diverse workforce.

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Round-the-clock care and support

Health is a personal journey. So members get 24/7 access to care and support to help them reach their best health, their way. 

Caring member advocates

We offer personal, proactive outreach to help members make informed health decisions.  

Day-to-day support

We provide many resources to help with everyday life, like legal, parenting or money matters. Even emotional support. 

24/7 nurse health line

A registered nurse is just a phone call or web chat away to answer health and wellness questions, day or night.

Virtual medical appointments

Licensed doctors, many Spanish speaking, are available anytime to treat acute conditions by phone, web or mobile app, for no deductible.

Culturally relevant outreach

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Culturally relevant outreach

We meet your members where they are. So even if they’ve never had insurance, our bilingual service teams can help them understand their options, enroll in a plan and more.


  • Spanish-speaking reps are available 24/7 to help members find a bilingual doctor, navigate benefits, and understand their bill.
  • Member communications outline plan options, costs and network details in Spanish.
  • Our employer toolkit helps guide Spanish-speaking workers during open enrollment.

Personalized outreach

Personalized outreach

From reaching a health goal to managing a condition, every member’s health journey is unique. We’re reaching out with the right resources, at the right time, to help them navigate theirs.


  • Co-located clinical and service teams create a proactive, seamless care experience.
  • Custom workflows promote preventive care, address emergency room use, and more.
  • Dedicated clinical support handles everything from precertification to chronic care management.
  • Onsite wellness consultants define and oversee worksite well-being strategies.
  • Bilingual outreach is available through video, print, phone and web. 
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Aetna Industry Solutions

Custom, bundled benefits for your hospitality team

Legal notices

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