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Private Mode

Usually, your web or mobile browser records every site you visit, and data “cookies” track your activity on certain sites.

Some features of our web sites require cookies, the browser’s local data storage or the use of location services to work properly. If you are in private mode, your search history and location are not stored, and you cannot accept cookies or use the local data storage. So these features will not work. You may be unable to log in, search for a doctor, or perform other tasks.

Changing private mode - mobile Safari and mobile Chrome

On, problems with Private mode are common in people using mobile Safari and mobile Chrome, so we’ve provided instructions on how to turn off Private mode.

Mobile Safari:

  • Tap the “pages” icon in the lower right (looks like one square in front of another)
  • Tap Private
  • If Private is highlighted, private browsing is on and the borders of the Safari browser window are dark gray.
  • When you’re not in private mode, the top and bottom borders of the browser window are white.

Mobile Chrome:

  • Close each Incognito window and tab. These have a gray icon in the top corner that looks like a hat and glasses.
  • Open a normal Chrome browsing session.

Changing private mode – other browsers

For desktop Safari and most other browsers, click on the browser name in the upper left to access the Preferences page.

On the Preferences page, there is a Privacy menu that will allow you to adjust your privacy settings.

Compatibility Mode

If you are using a newer browser but still experiencing problems with our site, your browser may be in compatibility mode. This happens when a newer version of a browser (like IE 11) mimics an older version (like IE 7).

Here’s how to adjust compatibility mode in Internet Explorer:

  • In the Tools menu, choose Compatibility View settings
  • Highlight in the list of websites
  • Click the Remove button


Our site uses javascript. If you have javascript turned off, some functions will not work.

Technical Standards


Operating systems and their corresponding browsers:

WIN7: IE11, Firefox (v39), Chrome (v44)
WIN8: IE11, Firefox (v39), Chrome (v44)
Mac OS: Safari 8, Firefox (v39), Chrome (v44)

Device Platform  Device Model  OS Version Resolution
Smart Phones iOS
iPhone 4 v 7.0 640*950
iPhone 4S v 8.0 640*950
iPhone 5 v 7.1 and 8.0 640*1136
iPhone 6 v 8.0 1337*750
iPhone 6+ v 8.0 1920*1080
Android Samsung Galaxy Note 2 v 2.3.x 720*1280
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 v 4.4.2 1440*2560
Tablets IOS Ipad 3 v 7.1 2048*1536
Ipad 4 v 8.0 2048*1536

JavaScript is required

In order to have the best experience on, Javascript needs to be enabled.
Learn how to change your browser settings to enable Javascript.

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