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Helping communities that need it most

At Aetna Better Health®, we’re committed to better health for all. Our work is local. And our heart is rooted in the communities where you live and work.

Where you are is what matters


Your health is more than genetics. Or what happens inside a doctor’s office. Health is about where you live. It’s also about what opportunities are in reach.


We’re meeting you where you are. Investing in resources and programs that help provide affordable housing, food, transportation and quality care where you live. So you have the support you need to be your healthiest.

Investing in our children’s future

Investing in our children’s future

The well-being of our children is so important. With the right care, in the right setting, they can thrive. We want to help. Aetna Better Health® of West Virginia has provided $6.1 million to residential youth treatment centers across the state. The goal? Give these centers the much-needed support to help kids successfully transition home or to facilities in their communities. And it’s working.


With these funds, treatment facilities are:


  • Hiring more therapists and community service coordinators
  • Training staff members to provide more local support
  • Creating programs for kids impacted by trauma
  • Offering more after-care services

Providing members a place to call home

Providing members a place to call home

Living in a safe home can help improve your well-being. Physically. Mentally. Socially. That’s why CVS Health® is funding projects that help members overcome the barriers to securing quality housing.


Central City, New Orleans is one example. Here, we’ve invested $25 million to help build affordable housing for Louisiana families and seniors. This 210,000 square-foot development features 192 one-, two- and 3-bedroom housing units. It also includes a fitness center and green courtyard space to promote healthy living. Many units are reserved for seniors so they can continue to live independently at home.

Mobile food markets bring better health to communities

Mobile food markets bring better health to communities

Many people live in a food desert. There is limited access to quality groceries and fresh produce. And the wrong kinds of food are easier to access. We’re working to change that.


Take, for example, the efforts of Aetna Better Health® of Florida. They recently took part in a 12-month Mobile Mini FARMacy program. The goal of the program was to help members in the community who have diabetes or may be at risk for it. Those who signed up for the program received nutrition counseling, healthy recipe cards and cooking demonstrations. They also got routine A1C testing to check their progress.

Meeting you where you are Committed to you, and your community

These are just a few examples of our efforts around access to mental health, affordable housing and healthy food. We know our members face many more challenges. And we keep working every day to improve the lives and health of those in the communities that we serve.

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