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Aetna Nurses Making a Difference Video


Customer: I’m a dog lover, we board dogs here it’s our life. Normally you think a dog bite and you think, put a band aid on it, it’ll stop. Well, this didn’t happen that way. Ultimately I ended up in the hospital.
I got a call from a lady and she explained that Aetna had this program where a nurse would call you once a month

Aetna Nurse: When I first called Ray he had just come home from the hospital and Ray told me that he had previous heart attacks and that with this last heart attack his doctor told him that he needed a defibrillator but Aetna was not going to cover it

Customer:  She told me no (chuckle) no, that’s not true…you should be on a beta blocker and you know maybe you need to ask your cardiologist why you aren’t.

Nurse: (Phone Call) “Hi Ray, it’s Laura, the Registered Nurse from Aetna.”

Customer: “Hi Laura, how you doin’?”

Nurse: When I followed up Ray had an appointment with a new doctor and had an appointment set to have a defibrillator put in. He was started on the correct medication.

Customer: If I wouldn’t have spoken to Laura, I never would have known. You know, Laura was extremely instrumental in getting that corrected. Laura is not just a Nurse with Aetna, Laura cares about people.
I’ve never had an experience with an insurance company like this before. Aetna has really impressed me with this program.

Customer’s Son: Aetna definitely helped save my dad’s life…without a doubt.

Customer: It’s been a two year process of kind of getting stabilized.

Nurse: He was told by several of the doctors they’re surprised that he did so well.

Customer: It’s funny how things fall in life, chicken one day feathers the next. It’s odd that a dog bite will actually change your life. My futures bright, I mean I’m 59 years old, I can do what I want. I’m just at that stage in my life and it’s a good stage to be in. I feel great

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