Hospital stays can put a strain on your personal finances

The average cost of a one-day stay in the hospital is over $1,700.*

This valuable coverage provides fixed payments when you’re hospitalized to help cover out-of-pocket costs.

Accidents and illnesses can happen - and sometimes result in an inpatient hospital stay. Being in the hospital can be more stressful if you are worrying about out-of-pocket costs like your medical plan deductible, copay or other health-related expenses. Other expenses can also add up, like transportation to and from the hospital, child care and lost income from missed work. Consider these facts:

Consider these facts:

• 18.4 million people stayed overnight in the hospital at least once in the past 12 months.*
• The average length of a hospital stay is five days.**

That’s why it’s important to have the Aetna Voluntary Hospital plan that pays a set amount of money you can count on if you or a covered family member becomes sick or injured and requires hospitalization.

Here’s how the plan works:

If you or a covered family member is admitted to the hospital as an inpatient, you receive:

• $1,000 for one stay in the hospital during the coverage year, plus
• $100 each day, for up to 100 days you are in the hospital during the coverage year***

Use the fixed payment any way you like

The benefit is paid in addition to any benefits you may receive under your health plan. The payment can be used for costs related to a hospital stay, or for any other non-health- related costs.

Five important reasons to consider our Voluntary Hospital plan

1. It’s fast. In most cases, we mail a check to you in just a few days after we receive your claim—and there’s no additional paperwork to fill out if you’re covered under an Aetna medical plan.
2. It’s affordable. Benefits are available at lower group rates from a top health insurance provider, Aetna.
3. It’s employer approved. After thoughtful consideration, your employer chose to make this valuable coverage available to you as one of your employee benefit choices.
4. It’s easy to buy. You don’t need a medical exam, and you can’t be turned down for benefits during the open enrollment period. Simply enroll and the cost of the coverage will be automatically payroll deducted — no bills or separate checks for you to write.
5. It’s easy to use. There are no pre-existing condition limitations, no deductibles on covered benefits and no required networks, and the plan pays regardless of any other insurance coverage you may have.

* 2008 AHA Annual Survey. Copyright 2010.
** Summary Health Statistics for the U.S. Population: National Health Survey, 2007.
*** These amounts may vary based on your plan.  Always refer to your Benefits Summary for the dollar amounts your plan pays.

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