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Looking for an affordable way to be better prepared for out-of-pocket medical costs?

Then consider the Aetna Voluntary Fixed Benefits Plan, a new plan which pays benefits for a broad range of medical and hospital services and is now being made available to you through your employer.

The plan pays fixed-dollar amounts per covered service - like a doctor's office visit or short hospital stay - with limits on the number of services. There are no copays and no deductibles. And you can't be turned down for coverage when you enroll during open enrollment. You can participate in the Aetna Voluntary Fixed Benefits Plan even if you are not eligible for a major medical plan.

The Aetna Voluntary Fixed Benefits Plan pays benefits directly to you or your provider -- you choose. You can use the money to reduce your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses or use it towards other expenses you have - it's your choice.

We have negotiated lower rates with our network providers -- this helps stretch your benefit dollars, so you pay less out of pocket.

Saving you money on - office visits, prescription drugs and even short hospital stays.

With Aetna's network of over half a million doctors and hospitals, you have access to providers all across the country. And with our online DocFind directory, it's easy to find an in-network doctor or hospital - no matter where you are.

Keep in mind, the Aetna Voluntary Fixed Benefits Plan is not a traditional major medical plan. It isn't designed to cover all of your medical expenses, but to pay you a cash benefit that you decide how to use.

The Aetna Voluntary Fixed Benefits Plan is affordably priced and starts at $16.50 per week for an employee, and $57 per week for family coverage.

And don't forget the value of Aetna's network discounts, which can reduce your out of pocket costs significantly and save you even more.

Here's how it works:

  • With a traditional major medical plan, your plan covers a percentage of the bill, and payments are made directly to the provider. You pay the remainder of the bill.
  • The Aetna Voluntary Fixed Benefits Plan pays you a fixed amount per covered service, regardless of the total amount of the bill. You can apply the money towards your doctor's bill or use it for other expenses. You can also ask Aetna to pay the benefit directly to your provider.
  • Remember, this doesn't replace traditional major medical insurance. It's simply an alternative way to help you pay for medical costs…planned or unplanned.

Paying for the Aetna Voluntary Fixed Benefits Plan is easy. In most situations, the cost of the plan can be deducted from your paycheck.

Make a smart choice to be more financially prepared for health care expenses with an Aetna Voluntary Fixed Benefits Plan.

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