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Advantages for employers

Affordability, choice and flexibility for your people — at no direct cost to you

Give your workforce affordable coverage options with the benefit of group rates.

Aetna Voluntary Plans offer:

  • Choice. Employees can select the benefits they want.
  • Financial protection. Cash benefits to help your employees be prepared for life’s surprises
  • Savings. A variety of plans accommodate your employees’ individual budget needs.
  • Convenience. These plans are an easy way to obtain specialized coverage and pay via payroll deduction

Separate or combined
Aetna Voluntary Plans can be purchased a la carte, but they’re also designed to complement our other products.

For example, while an Aetna medical plan can cover hospital expenses, an 
Aetna Voluntary Hospital Plan can help members manage their living expenses while hospitalized.

Retain quality talent
Offering a rich benefits package, including voluntary plans, keeps you competitive in the marketplace by attracting and retaining quality employees.

Employee choice and financial protection
Your employees have different lifestyles and financial circumstances. With Aetna Voluntary Plans, they can choose to spend as much or as little as they want to meet their specific needs.

A single carrier solution
From core medical to voluntary benefits, Aetna has over 150 years of insurance experience – ready to work for your company. Aetna Voluntary Plans provides your company with benefit choices for all your employees, from part- and full-time to seasonal.

And working with a single carrier means less administration and enrollment work for you.


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