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Group Accident

Group Accident Plan
Insured by American Heritage Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of the Allstate Corporation*

Accidents happen – but you can be prepared
No one likes to think about having a serious accident. But being prepared for the unexpected can be the best protection.

Consider a Group Accident plan to help protect your finances when you get hurt.

Health insurance typically covers your medical expenses. But what about your other expenses? Things like daycare, utility bills or even groceries? The Group Accident plan can help you cover the unexpected costs that often come with an injury. And perhaps best of all, the plan provides a cash payment directly to you to pay for whatever you choose. 


Why consider a Group Accident Plan marketed by Aetna?
     •   Affordable prices at group rates
     •   Cash payments made directly to you (unless you specify otherwise)
     •   No medical exam required – you can’t be turned down
     •   Family coverage available
     •   Easy payroll deduction
     •   Coverage is portable

Coverage when you need it most**
The Group Accident plan pays a cash benefit directly to you to help cover expenses associated with:

     •   Accidental death
     •   Dismemberment
     •   Dislocation/fracture
     •   Initial hospitalization confinement
     •   Hospitalization confinement
     •   Intensive care
     •   Ambulance service
     •   Medical expenses
     •   Outpatient physician’s treatment

Plus, you can get even more coverage when you purchase a Benefit Enhancement Rider.


The Group Accident plan – 
so an accident doesn’t hurt your finances, too.

Talk to your employer about adding this plan to your benefits package.

This plan does not offer comprehensive benefits.  It provides limited coverage and is not intended to replace other health insurance coverage.

*The Group Accident plan is underwritten by American Heritage Life Insurance Company (headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida). Eligible claims for this plan are the sole financial responsibility of American Heritage Life Insurance Company. Benefits are provided under policy form GVAP1, or state variations thereof. Benefit Enhancement Rider provided by rider form
GVAPBER, or state variations thereof.

The plan has exclusions and limitations and may not be available in all states.
**Please refer to your Benefits Summary for the benefits available under your specific plan.