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HMO Plan

How the Aetna HMO Plan Works:

1 - Choose a PCP

  • A Primary Care Physician (PCP) provides basic health care services and arranges for specialized services when needed.  
  • You can choose any PCP from the Aetna network. You'll feel good knowing that anyone you choose meets our standards.
  • Choosing a doctor is a personal decision - that's why each member of your family can have his or her own PCP.
  • Change your PCP anytime.  Call Member Services at 1-877-54 AETNA or visit your secure Aetna Navigator® website 
  • You must choose a PCP and see network providers to receive benefits from this plan

2 - Visit your PCP for care

  • Go to your PCP for your basic health care needs, like check-ups, acute illness or minor injuries.
  • Your PCP will help you decide if you need care from another doctor.  If specialty care is required, your PCP will likely issue an electronic referral eliminating the need for any paperwork.
  • Sometimes you may need care that requires approval from Aetna before you get it. This is called precertification. Your PCP and specialists will handle this process for you.

3 - Pay your copay

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