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CDH Gold Plan

How the CDH Gold Plan works:

1 - The HRA Fund

  • Each year the State of Delaware will fund a health reimbursement account — the fund — for you.
  • You can use health dollars to pay eligible out-of-pocket health care costs.
  • If you don't use the fund in one whole year, no worries. Unused amounts will rollover to the next year. However, if you change employers or leave the health plan, you can't take the fund with you.
2 - The Deductible
  • This is an amount you must pay for eligible expenses. Once you pay your deductible, your health plan begins to pay benefits.
  • As you use the fund, the payments count toward your deductible. That means you have less to pay out of your own pocket!
  • And if you've been in the HRA plan for over a year, the fund can grow. It might build up to pay your full deductible.
3 - Your Health Plan
  • Once you meet your deductible, your health plan pays its share of eligible expenses. You pay a smaller share of these costs from your own pocket.
How the CDH Gold Plan is designed with your needs in mind:
  • You can see any doctor you want, in or out-of-network.
  • Preventive care is covered at 100 percent.
  • The State of Delaware provides you with an HRA fund to help cover the deductible.

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