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45 million Americans are uninsured according toThe Kaiser Commission on Medicaid & the Uninsured (January 2006). Many of the uninsured are employed but do not have access to care. The Aetna Affordable Health Choices® limited benefits insurance plan* is specifically designed for employees working for an hourly wage, on a seasonal basis or fulfilling a waiting period for other employer sponsored coverage.

Part of the Aetna family
Aetna acquired SRC in 2005, blending the expertise of a premier player in the limited benefits insurance arena with the strength and brand recognition of one of the nation's leading providers of health, dental, group, life, disability and long-term care insurance benefits.

This transaction positions Aetna to reach another customer segment, the uninsured, part-time and hourly workers who until now have been underserved by national health plans.

— Ronald A. Williams, president of Aetna
January 6, 2005, Press Release

* Except in NY, this plan is filed as a major medical plan that contains an annual benefit maximum and a number of additional coverage limitations and exclusions. In DC, ID, ME, & RI this is not considered a "limited benefits" insurance plan.


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